SoDo Fine Dining

Busy is how we like it here at Digiman Studio, and the past month has been amazing. The newest fine dining experience in south downtown Reno recently opened under the name of SoDo and we are so excited for principles Joel Giandalia, James Bukowski, and David Stern. The strategic advertising marketing campaign was put together by Larry DeVincenzi, our great friend from Smart Brand, who also produced the launch for CommRow. Larry put together a creative team of Digiman Studio for visual imaging, Natasha Bourlin of Passport PR, Mike Van Houten from JM Studio for web design, and Karl Fendelander of Smiling Eye Media for all social media. This team really put together a great launch for SoDo’s opening. With the need to get the word out we shot multiple days and evenings to photograph SoDo dinning specials, owners group and individual portraits, and a romantic evening exterior. Needless to say, we all had a lot of fun and the results turned out beautiful!


SoDo Scallops


SoDo Calamari


SoDo Chicken

We were able to work closely with chef David who did an amazing job styling the food.

Frank Haxton

Photographer Frank Haxton

Frank Haxton


SoDo Lighting Set

This was the set for all the food shots. You wouldn’t think that it took 5 lights for such a simple subject, but it did. We have the large softbox above the set, two raking side lights that we diffused with glass boxes, giving a different look to the overal subjects, a front light, and one light for the background. It was intense, but so worth the effort.

Our second day at SoDo consisted of Portraits of the Owner and Principles at SoDo.

Joel Giandalia

Owner Joel Giandalia

James Bukowski

Partner and Manager James Bukowski

David Stern

Head Chef and Partner David Stern

SoDo Team

Computer artist Amy Hunter did some amazing composits for these shots, removing walls where there weren’t any, removing a flat screen TV from the center of the image and making everyone look their very best. We also want to thank Gaynel Wadsworth for her styling expertise!

SoDo Exterior

For the evening exterior we positioned the tripod in the center of a two lane road at night, (thank goodness for construction cones). We arrived before sunset to get the equipment set up and we then used two cameras to make sure that we got the shot we wanted. We had a lot of help from the art directors, Becky Murway and Larry D., and the staff at SoDo. We also want to express our appreciation to SoDo’s dinning guests that evening. This photograph really caught the flavor of the SoDo dinning experience.

SoDo Team

To everyone at the SoDo team, and countless others that we worked with for this project, thanks for letting us be apart of your new adventure!