November Round up

What a month! Actually, because we took a little R&R trip to Mexico, it was a bit of a short month for us but still so many projects to talk about!

On the road again, this time to Winnemucca

First there was Winnemucca…yes, Winnemucca was a fun 2-day shoot for the Winners Inn. They were very hospitable and we met some really great people that helped us get awesome images for their new website!

Italian Linens website launch

We learned that our client Lesley Pensworth had launched her website full of beautiful Italian linens so we were excited to share a few of the screen captures that featured our photography so nicely.


Changing gears to video… we were so trilled to work with Dr. LaDawn Talbott to film and edit 6 individual video showcases for her Plastic Surgery business. We had filmed them in October but we happy to see that they were shared on her social media outlets which meant we could share them now as well! Take a look!

Then we had the pleasure of working with a team of lawyers to create new images for their website that is in the works. We were able to photograph them at the office, in the studio and even went to the capital to snap a few photos there.

And, last but not least, we had a great 7 day vacation with our son Oliver. We cruised to Mexico and it sure was nice to get out of the cold!