December Roundup

December was a hectic month and an amazing end to the year. A lot of new projects happened that prepared us for the New Year and allowed us to hit the ground running!


We had the opportunity to work with an amazing company, JamPro, Northern Nevada’s family music center. We created two TV spots for them to showcase their state-of-the art facility and equipment. This place is seriously amazing and we recommend it to anyone wanting to take music classes or enroll little ones. They are friendly, experienced and provide excellent service. Check them out and check out the spots we did for them below!


Before the year was over we photographed two casino ballrooms for their New Year’s celebrations, one for the Atlantis and the other for the Eldorado. The decorations were fun and the venues looked amazing, ready to go to kick off the start to an amazing New Year!



Earlier this month we were asked to photograph the exterior of the Reno Little Theatre. We will be going back in the coming months to photograph some interior shots as well. We had a great time photographing this colorful building, it was a lot of fun!


We were recently asked to film some testimonials for WetLab and got to capture some amazing footage outdoors, Tahoe served as a gorgeous backdrop for these videos. We love when we get to play outside! Below you’ll see some behind the scenes shots as well as the testimonial, it turned out great!

Frank capturing some footage.

Frank capturing some footage.

The Tahoe backdrop was amazing.

The Tahoe backdrop was amazing.

Finally, one of the best projects we’ve gotten the opportunity to work on and also one with the most fun we’ve had, was an amazing way to wrap up the year! We got to photograph, capture video and drone footage for a super secret project out in the Nevada desert. We went to the Nevada Automotive Test Center and got to play with a new toy provided by an international defense weapon manufacturer. Below are some behind-the-scenes photos of the trip. It was a lot of fun and the Nevada desert served as a wonderful backdrop, the Nevada skies never seem to disappoint. We hope to be able to share some more info soon!

Frank & Becky.

Frank & Becky.

Frank & Becky on a mountain.

Frank & Becky on a mountain.

The team having fun in the Nevada desert.

The team having fun in the Nevada desert.

Becky & Frank

Becky & Frank

December was a wonderful month filled with amazing experiences, it was an excellent end to our year! Here’s to another wonderful year filled with great opportunities! See you on the other side!

November Round up

What a month! Actually, because we took a little R&R trip to Mexico, it was a bit of a short month for us but still so many projects to talk about!

On the road again, this time to Winnemucca

First there was Winnemucca…yes, Winnemucca was a fun 2-day shoot for the Winners Inn. They were very hospitable and we met some really great people that helped us get awesome images for their new website!

Italian Linens website launch

We learned that our client Lesley Pensworth had launched her website full of beautiful Italian linens so we were excited to share a few of the screen captures that featured our photography so nicely.


Changing gears to video… we were so trilled to work with Dr. LaDawn Talbott to film and edit 6 individual video showcases for her Plastic Surgery business. We had filmed them in October but we happy to see that they were shared on her social media outlets which meant we could share them now as well! Take a look!

Then we had the pleasure of working with a team of lawyers to create new images for their website that is in the works. We were able to photograph them at the office, in the studio and even went to the capital to snap a few photos there.

And, last but not least, we had a great 7 day vacation with our son Oliver. We cruised to Mexico and it sure was nice to get out of the cold!


Behind the Scenes – SoundProof Windows Shoot

A photographers life is never dull. At least not at Digiman Studio! We had the pleasure of working with SoundProof Windows to get some Glare Proof images at JamPro Music Factory for their new catalog. Photographing glass is like photographing any reflective surface, everything shows! As you can see by the behind the scenes photos, we had to block out everything. Good thing we have many many feet of black cloth. This helped nail the shots and create the clean look that the client needed. Plus, the glass panels were up to 250lbs and it was nail biting to watch them getting installed. Like I said, never a dull day and always something different! We have included a finished sample from the shoot at the bottom.

IMG_3982 IMG_3987 IMG_3990


Photography for Fun?!

It may seem like we are always working and doing commercial photography but… we do like to take our camera out and have fun every once in a while! And that is exactly what we did on our recent trip to Santa Cruz. We took a walk to the beach one night and played with the lights that were coming from the boardwalk. Then, we saw a salsa dance party happening on a restaurant patio and got a fun one of that too! These images ended up being pretty cool and we are thinking of hanging them in our home. It pays to take your camera out more often!

Newly Renovated Rooms – BTS

What a crew on this shoot, we always have a great time with the Nugget! This time around we had the pleasure of working with two models from Tru Talent Agency as well as the lovely Gaynel on make up and wardrobe. We got to shoot inside the first two newly renovated rooms and man did they pop! The colors worked great for photography. Here are a few samples of the final images and some fun behind the scenes.

Behind the Scenes Video from the Nugget

If you are not in the industry, you may not realize how many people are actually involved in creating a single photo. Here is a quick glimpse at Behind the Scenes of seven people working behind the camera as well as 11 people modeling for one still photograph. Wait for the end of the :30 video to see how quickly we disperse! We have also included some of the final shots from the rest of the shoot. We had the great pleasure of working with our client the Nugget Resort Casino.





BTS – Moana Nursery and KPS3 Marketing

There is a time of day during the summer when it is perfect to be working outside. That time happens to be about 5:45am! We had an early start time but it was totally worth it. We worked with a great team starting with Jess and Rob from KPS3 and of coarse Christie, the owner of Moana Nursery and her team. Everyone showed up with smiles! You never know what it will be like when you have staff as models but everyone had fun. We always get great complements on how we put people at ease, make them relax and it shows in the photos!






Sometimes words are tough!

Being on camera is tough work! Lebo from Signature Landscapes was such a trooper while shooting for their new TV spots. We had lots of fun on set and despite all the outtakes, he really did nail it!



Here is one (of two) commercials that we worked with Signature Landscapes to produce:


Video: Behind the Scenes at ElectraTherm

Having fun at ElectraTherm last week. They are launching a new website and wanted to get photography of not only their beautiful staff at work but also a few of the large projects they are developing. And by large I mean, super giant. That explains the lift Frank was on! ElectraTherm was (as always) super helpful in making this a successful shoot.

United Construction – Starbucks

We are proud to work with United Construction on many projects but this one in downtown Reno was a unique opportunity so why not blog about it! We love the design of the building and the modern feel. Architecture is one of our favorites!

image image image image