Wine country video, trade show and magazine cover shoot all-in-one

We spent 3 days in Sonoma, ca this week as sponsors of the CABBI InnSpire Conference. CABBI stands for the California association of boutique and breakfast inns. We were happy to partner with them as their photography and videography sponsor this year. We also were an exhibitor in the show. We ran around and photographed many of the events as well as the trade show floor. At our booth we did testimonial interviews of long time attendees and got to showcase our architectural photography and our travel destination showcase video product that we are very proud of. Everyone made us feel quite at home which shouldn’t be surprising given the nature of the industry! We wrapped with an impromptu photo shoot of the double tree by Hilton wine country executive chef outside by his garden for the CABBI magazine cover and feature story. The trip was a success! Now we just need to sit down and edit the 90 second piece so they can invite people to come to next years event. I know we will be there!

image image image image

Casino Fandango – 2 days of fun!

Cast and crew on pretty much every shoot we do are great to work with but somehow we really had an extra special team for this one. It was a 2 day shoot with an agency from out of state. We had Gaynel for makeup, models from Tru Talent Agency and a crew of about 30 different other talent and helping hands. The staff of Fandango was so helpful in getting us everything we needed to create great advertising images for them. We are very happy with the results and cant wait to share! Here are a few snaps in action and a fun behind the scenes video!

Start of a New Year! and Renown shoot for Haws Corp

Off to a great start to the new year shooting at Renown for Haws Corporation.
Here are some behind the scenes shots. We worked with Randy from Tru Talent Agency and the beautiful women at Haws as our models as well as Tina Mokuau on Makeup. Renown was really accommodating to let us into some of their tightest spaces!



Where in the World has Digiman been?


Here are some of our favorite shots from the past six months or so…


Property for Tanamera


Carson Valley Inn for Minor Advertising


United Pacific Energy for Spaces Design



Now Foods for United Construction


Literally at Facebook Campus in Menlow Park, CA for Entisys Solutions


Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine featuring Bizzar Guitars and the Fender Music Foundation


Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine featuring the return of KRZQ


Mark Foree of Truckee Meadows Water Authority for Good Standing Outreach


Model Corinne Dannehl


Spaces Design and Planning wall graphic for Bally’s Inc.

And the food…we are pretty much killing it!


Wild River Grille-Addy Award Winner


Chapel Tavern


Granite Street Eatery for Reno Tahoe Tonight


Bowl for Reno Tahoe Tonight


Composition Cafe at the Nevada Museum of Art


Nobel Pie Parlor


Ichiban Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar at Harris

With 2013 starting off so great we can’t wait to see what the next few months will bring.



Architecture is one of our favorite things to photograph here at Digiman Studio. It is both fun and challenging to mix and match ambient lighting with artificial lighting to get a seamless blend of these beautiful environments. This time we were working with David from the David Morris Group for an exquisit 5000 sq. ft. home off of Juniper Ridge in North West Reno, NV. Check out our work and keep us in mind for your next big project.

Living Room View 1

Living Room View 2



Downstairs Game Room

Master Bedroom

Outside Patio


Music CD Cover for Dmitri Atapine & Adela H. Park

This week’s blog is featuring virtuoso world renowned musicians Dmitri Atapine and Adela H. Park. We photographed this duo for the cover of their new CD ‘Sonatas for Cello and Piano’ originally composed by Lowell Liebermann. We have been waiting to post about this until the release of their CD; you can find that link here. Digiman Studio went to the Nightingale Concert Hall at the University of Nevada Reno where we had complete access to the auditorium and theater area for these photographs. It was a great space to really capture the essence of these two accomplished musicians. It was so nice to work with such talented people and we are thankful that they chose Digiman Studio to photograph this project for them. Here are some of the completed images.


Dmitri & Adela

The cover image that was used for the CD

Dmitri & Adela

Background set up with Dmitri and Adela

Dmitri & Adela

It’s easy to look at images like these and think they are simple, but that is rarely the case. For all of these shots we had four different lights. We used a light with a grid spot on the chairs behind our subjects, two side lights, one for a back hair light and the other to capture the beauty of the piano in the background, and our final front light in the form of a soft box. We also used the large reflector to add more light to the shadowed side of our subjects.

Dmitri Atapine

Dmitri Atapine

Adela H. Park

Adela H. Park

Dmitri & Adela


Thank you again Dmitri and Adela for contacting and allowing us be apart of such a great achievement for the both of you. Congratulations and we hope to work with you again in the future.

Rise Night Club Photo Shoot

The world became a lot smaller while I was on vacation in Cabo San Lucus, Mexico when I got a text from Oliver X to book an assignment for Reno Tahoe Tonight‘s feature article about the newest nightclub opening in downtown Reno, Rise Nightclub. Oliver put me in touch with Dena Wiseman, Hollywood makeup stylist who recently relocated to Reno to help coordinate the opening and branding of Rise Nightclub. Rise will officially open July 6, 2012. Dena’s concept was to photograph models, fire spinners, and the downtown Reno sky line from the roof top of the nightclub to create a one of a kind image that Reno has never seen before. Working with Dena who is a consumate professional was truely a pleasure. She allowed us to take her ideas and let us run with them and really be apart of the creative experience. It took Dena and two assistants two hours to prep the girls’ foil wrapped bodies, my team of three including assistant and computer artist Halen Haxton and Amy Hunter, seven fire spinners and 6000 watts of power to light up the night on the rooftop set. Everything really came together and the results far surpassed our expectations.

Rise Night Club

This is the main piece for this production that was used. There was so much that had to be coordinated for this photograph, not only on set but also after in the editing process. The entire background had to be replaced from a different exposure to capture all of the city lights in their full glory. It was a lot of work but worth every minute of it.

Rise Night Club

Photographer Frank Haxton directing the models in the early evening test shots. We got set up on location earlier so that we wouldn’t be running around in the dark at the last minuet, but that also gave us more time to take pictures of the models.

Rise Night Club

Rise Night Club

For every photo shoot that we do, we tether the camera to our lap top in order to see the results instantly. This helps us to see exactly what we need to fix and it also allows our clients to view the work we are doing to make sure we are capturing what they want as well. You can see our lap top here on the top left.

Rise Night Club


Rise Night Club

This was one of the editorial images that was taken inside the nightclub. While the assistants were setting up outside, Frank went downstairs to take photographs in side. A lot of these shots are taken ‘on the fly’ as we like to call it, meaning you don’t have time to pre plan anything, you just go and work with whatever you have available to use, in this case, extremely beautiful models.

Rise Night Club

The talented fire spinners; we couldn’t have done it without them.

Frank & Halen Haxton

Halen Haxton and photographer Frank Haxton, prior to the set up.

Rise Night Club

Special thanks to Shannon Dobbs, owner of Rise night club, Dena Wiseman, models Candice, Brittany, and Kaitlyn, the team of fire spinners, and everyone else who helped out behind the scenes to make this photo shoot a complete success. Don’t forget to go downtown to the opening on July 6th!


SoDo Fine Dining

Busy is how we like it here at Digiman Studio, and the past month has been amazing. The newest fine dining experience in south downtown Reno recently opened under the name of SoDo and we are so excited for principles Joel Giandalia, James Bukowski, and David Stern. The strategic advertising marketing campaign was put together by Larry DeVincenzi, our great friend from Smart Brand, who also produced the launch for CommRow. Larry put together a creative team of Digiman Studio for visual imaging, Natasha Bourlin of Passport PR, Mike Van Houten from JM Studio for web design, and Karl Fendelander of Smiling Eye Media for all social media. This team really put together a great launch for SoDo’s opening. With the need to get the word out we shot multiple days and evenings to photograph SoDo dinning specials, owners group and individual portraits, and a romantic evening exterior. Needless to say, we all had a lot of fun and the results turned out beautiful!


SoDo Scallops


SoDo Calamari


SoDo Chicken

We were able to work closely with chef David who did an amazing job styling the food.

Frank Haxton

Photographer Frank Haxton

Frank Haxton


SoDo Lighting Set

This was the set for all the food shots. You wouldn’t think that it took 5 lights for such a simple subject, but it did. We have the large softbox above the set, two raking side lights that we diffused with glass boxes, giving a different look to the overal subjects, a front light, and one light for the background. It was intense, but so worth the effort.

Our second day at SoDo consisted of Portraits of the Owner and Principles at SoDo.

Joel Giandalia

Owner Joel Giandalia

James Bukowski

Partner and Manager James Bukowski

David Stern

Head Chef and Partner David Stern

SoDo Team

Computer artist Amy Hunter did some amazing composits for these shots, removing walls where there weren’t any, removing a flat screen TV from the center of the image and making everyone look their very best. We also want to thank Gaynel Wadsworth for her styling expertise!

SoDo Exterior

For the evening exterior we positioned the tripod in the center of a two lane road at night, (thank goodness for construction cones). We arrived before sunset to get the equipment set up and we then used two cameras to make sure that we got the shot we wanted. We had a lot of help from the art directors, Becky Murway and Larry D., and the staff at SoDo. We also want to express our appreciation to SoDo’s dinning guests that evening. This photograph really caught the flavor of the SoDo dinning experience.

SoDo Team

To everyone at the SoDo team, and countless others that we worked with for this project, thanks for letting us be apart of your new adventure!


South Mountain Community Church

The Batten & Shaw corporate office from Nashville, TN recently hired Digiman Studio for an out of town assignment. We traveled to Salt Lake City, UT to photograph the South Mountain Community Church, a 40,000 square foot non-denominational church. This building was designed by Illinois based architecture firm, The Pasma Group, and we worked directly with Doug Pasma for this assignment.

We met with the staff and facilities manager of South Mountain Community Church on Friday afternoon to scout out locations and plan how we were going to do the night shots, as well as other architecture aspects without people. It’s always challenging to photograph architecture in a facility that is so open to the public most of the time. We began Friday night at 9:30pm for the night shots and then returned the next morning at 6:30am to get some daylight views of the exterior. It was a fun weekend, here are some of the finished products.


SMCC Exterior Daytime


SMCC Exterior Night

The great thing about going on a long assignment like this, besides the fact that we can get away, is the fact that you know the client truly believes in your work if they are willing to send you anywhere to get their job done. This was our 4th assignment with Batten and Shaw Inc. We’ve also done work for this company at the Ogden Medical Center in Ogden, UT, the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Twin Falls, ID, the St. Marks Hospital in Salt Lake City, UT, and the Willow Springs Center here in Reno, NV. Check out these and our other architecture shots for Batten and Shaw Inc. here.

SMCC Interior Cafe

For the lobby shot we used 6 strobe lights and had to replace all the windows to feature Lone Peak in the background, giving you a better visual location for the SMCC.

SMCC Interior


SMCC Church Service

I ended up staying for the Sunday services with Pastor Paul to take some extra shots with people in the service.

Brian and Kelly Fogleberg

 I was also excited to see Brian Fogleberg, my former computer artist who worked with Digiman Studio for over three years. He and his wife Kelly live in Provo, UT, just a short 20 min drive so he was able to come and help out for this assignment. It was great to see him and Kelly and we had a lot of fun working together again.

Thank you to everyone from the Batten and Shaw group, Doug Pasma and everyone at The Pasma Group, the staff from South Mountain Community Church, Brian Fogleberg, and everyone else who helped us make this assignment an amazing success!


Ricotti Saddle Company

Digiman Studio photographed Rick Ricotti, owner of Ricotti Saddle Company located in Clements, CA for an lifestyle portrait assignment in his custom leather and silver shop last Friday. Rick and Ricotti Saddles have been working with the Younger Agency, located in Reno, NV, for their advertising and marketing needs for several years and we were contacted by Account Executive Amy Mager, who coordinated this photo shoot. We were excited to meet Rick at his shop in the late afternoon along with his wife Susan, and their granddaughter Cassidy. Rick’s shop was just what you would expect a saddle and silver shop to be like, full of tools and the smell of leather, buckles and belts along every shelf, and yes, plenty of character. Here are just a few of the portraits that we took, along with some details of all those tools that we found so fascinating!

Rick Ricotti

Founder of Ricotti Saddle, Rick Ricotti

Ricotti Saddle Company


Ricotti Saddle Company


Ricotti Saddle Company


Ricotti Saddle Company


Ricotti Saddle Company


Ricotti Saddle Company


Rick and Cassidy

Rick and his grand daughter Cassidy. She took the behind the scenes photos. (Side note; Cassidy is a stunt double and has been in movies such as Cowboys and Aliens, True Grit, and just recently, The Avengers! We always get to meet fun people.) Thanks Cassidy!

Ricotti Saddle Company


Ricotti Saddle Company


Frank Haxton and Rick Ricotti

Photographer Frank Haxton and Rick Ricotti

Frank Haxton and Rick Ricotti

Only one soft box was used for these portraits. Sometimes simplicity works best.

Rick Ricotti


Special thanks to Amy Mager for getting this assignment for us, along with everyone at the Younger Agency, Rick Ricotti, Susan, Cassidy, and everyone else at Ricotti Saddle Company. Your products are outstanding and we feel lucky to photograph the great work that you do. Look for some of these images soon at Ricotti Saddle Company!